The Marina

Located along the western side of Capella Marigot Bay Resort, Capella Marina is Saint Lucia’s foremost berthing destination for premier yachts from around the world.

Long recognized as one of the Caribbean’s most secure anchoring spots, Marigot Bay provides protection to ships during the roughest of seas. The bay is known as a “hurricane hole” due to its location on the west side of the island, where it is surrounded by mountains and experiences minimal tidal changes.  Indeed, several major maritime insurance companies routinely recognize Marigot Bay as a true safe harbor.

Affording convenient access to the Caribbean, Capella Marina at Marigot Bay is a favorite starting and drop off point for yacht charters due to the large-scale marina and convenient, direct flights to and from both the US and the UK. 

For more information on Capella Marina facilities, services or moorings, please contact us at:

Marina Office - Tel: +1 (758) 451 4275 / Fax: +1 (758) 451 4276 or

Marina Manager, Guillaume Chaillot – Tel: +1 (758) 728

Assistant Marina Manager, Troy Blanchard – Tel: +1 (758) 728

Regulations & Fees

Capella Marina at Marigot Bay is classified as an international port entry, and houses the sea port authority as well as customs and immigration for the island of Saint Lucia.  

Yachts not arriving from international waters may stay for 72 hours without clearing customs and immigration.

Regarding immigration conditions, visitors can request to stay up to six months in the first instance. Bona fide visitors and yachtsmen can expect to be granted a minimum of 42 days. Applications for extensions must be made in person at the Immigration Office in downtown Castries. There is an EC$100 fee per 21 day period.

A US$21 embarkation tax (which is collected at the airports) is in effect when a visitor leaves by air after arriving by sea. An EC$15 seaport embarkation tax is levied if an arrival by sea joins a departing yacht as a passenger.

The Saint Lucia Air & Seaports Authority (SLASPA) assigns boat fees according to two classifications:

  1. Commercial yachts carry passengers who have paid as individuals or groups for the purpose of pleasure travel. (These vessels require an occasional license, determined by overall length, to cruise.)
  2. Private yachts, including bare-boat charters, do not engage in plying passengers on hire and are not required to pay the occasional license fee.

All yachts pay fees for pratique, clearance, navigational aids, and passenger dues - determined by vessel weight or length. Passenger dues do not apply to master and crew on private yachts, but do on commercial vessels.

Yachts wishing to anchor anywhere in Saint Lucian waters other than their original port of entry must obtain a Permit to Moor from customs at a cost of EC$25. This allows the yacht to remain in local waters for an additional 72 hours.

Snorkeling, diving, or spearfishing excursions in areas outside of SMMA control require permits from the Department of Fisheries. A local dive guide must also be present.

Sport fishing requires a craft license costing EC$270/US$100 from the Fisheries Office. Recreational/casting requires an EC$50/US$20 license.

Capella Marina has capacity to berth 42 yachts (28 at maximum yacht size) along with 20 mooring locations anchored in the bay. Upon arrival and during their stay, guests will have access to the Capella Personal Assistants to arrange on-land and off-shore excursions, and an array of additional exclusive services and amenities offered to our guests.  Read more about our Personal Assistants and the services they have to offer here.

Yacht Berthing Prices At Capella Marina in US$, per ft length, per day

LOA in Feet



Stern to / Along Side

US $ / Ft. / Day


2 Weeks

 US $ / Ft / Day


US $ / Ft / Day

0 – 49

$1.00 / $1.00



50 – 64

$1.50 / $1.50



65 – 79

$2.00 / $2.50



80 – 99

$2.50 / $3.00



100 – 149

$3.00 / $3.50



150 – 250

$3.50 / $3.50



Multihulls are charged at 1.5 times the standard rate.

Mooring Buoy Per Night (US $)

Busy Season


Busy Season

(2 Week Rate)


Busy Season

(Monthly Rate)




All the above rates are discounted 25% during off season.


To reserve a berth or mooring, please contact us at:

Marina Office - Tel: +1 (758) 451 4275 / Fax: +1 (758) 451 4276 or email

Marina Logistics

Capella Marina has berthing for yachts up to 280 ft in length and up to 20 ft drafts. With 42 berths and 20 mooring buoys, the following facilities and services are available for guests:


  • Fuel – Diesel / Gasoline fuel dock dispensaries brought directly to your vessel via trolley boat-site assistance 
  • Electricity - 110v/220v 50/100 Amps 50 or 60 Hz; 410v 125/200 Amps 50 Hz
  • Water – metered taps at all berths with 50 psi treated, potable (drinking) water
  • Wifi Internet – complimentary
  • Cable TV – complimentary
  • Garbage Disposal – twice daily collections from each berth
  • Black / Grey Water – on berth pump-out service
  • Cooking Gas – bottled exchange (TexGas, Shell and Camping Gaz) and a bottle refill service (Butane/Propane)

Technical Services: (Arranged through the Marina Office)

  • Please use VHF Channel 12. Our entrance channel waypoint is at 13⁰, 58.05’N 61⁰, 01.90’W
  • 24 hour security and CCTV Surveillance to ISPS Requirements
  • Electrical, Electronic, and Hydraulic Repairs (ASEA Agent Onsite)
  • Hull Cleaning & Polishing
  • Paint and FRP Repairs
  • Varnishing
  • Valeting, Interior and Exterior
  • Underwater Cleaning and Inspection
  • Sail and Canvas Repairs
  • Engine, Generator, and Outboard Maintenance
  • Sheet Winch, Windlass, and Capstan Maintenance
  • Waste Oil Disposal
  • Other Services Available upon Request

Chandlery and Provisioning:

  • On-site Delicatessen and Supermarket
  • Duty-free Alcohol and Cigarettes for eligible Yachts
  • Pre-order provisioning and access to local wholesale outlets
  • Banking
  • Marina Village Stores
  • Bayside Café and Coffee Shop
  • Mail-order Chandlery Service
  • Spare parts duty-free ordering Service

Guest, Owner and Crew Services:

  • Access to Capella Marigot Bay Five Star Hotel and Facilities
  • Crew Accommodation
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Land Taxi, Water Taxi, and Water Bus Arrangements
  • Car Rental Agency
  • Flight, Hotel, and onward Marina bookings
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Yacht Charter and Day Sailing
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Laundry Service
  • Showers and toilets
  • Flower and Floral Arrangement Delivery
  • On-board entertainment organization, bands, specialty acts, etc.

Marina Village

Just a few steps from Capella Marina is the iconic Marina Village. Home to an assortment of onsite services as well as high-end shopping and restaurants, the village is a favorite destination for all. Be it strolling through the shops, enjoying a bite at one of the restaurants, or lounging in the courtyard with an ice cream from the Bayside Café, the Marina Village has something for everyone. The village is accessible by both land and sea, making it the perfect destination for both Capella Marigot Bay guests and visitors alike.