Auriga Spa & Fitness

The Auriga Spa at Capella Marigot Bay, a Saint Lucia resort and hotel, is a sanctuary for guests to savor the natural restorative essences of the island.

Situated on the shoreline nestled between lush, tropical foliage and the waters of Marigot Bay, this indoor/outdoor refuge is an oasis of privacy and relaxation. Begin your experience in the spa village, where you can enjoy the outdoor ambiance of our steam inhalation room, Jacuzzi, and sauna cabana. The journey continues with a welcoming, grounding ceremony, employing carefully selected herbs designed to prepare your body for the spa ritual.

Auriga Spa therapists are available to create a memorable relaxation experience for you, from individual or group treatments accompanied by a gourmet spa lunch to an evening candlelight-and-champagne couples massage.

The Hydrating Hot Chocolate Experience

To celebrate Chocolate Heritage month in Saint Lucia, Auriga Spa at Capella Marigot Bay introduces a seasonal spa service.

A luxurious, full-body treatment beginning with a peppermint foot massage followed by a warm cocoa wrap. During the wrap phase you will experience a soothing scalp and neck massage, continuing with a massage using warm coconut milk. To complete the experience, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

With an abundance of indigenous cocoa, you can enjoy authentic chocolate spa treatments with measurable benefits that are more than merely delicious.

Chocolate conditions and moisturizes the skin while imparting anti-oxidant benefits, and the aromatic scent from pure, dark chocolate releases endorphins into the body that allows for an uplifting feeling.

120 minutes

An Auriga Signature: Inspired By The Phases Of The Moon

Auriga Spa, whose namesake is a constellation in the northern hemisphere, has a distinctive approach to wellness and beauty based on the cycles of the moon.

Each Auriga Spa offers four signature services — named for a phase of the moon — that encourage guests to attune their wellness routines to the rhythms of nature:


The new moon is the time for renewal and introspection. Meditate on who you are and who would like to become. Establish strategies to reach your highest potential. Green is the focus of this treatment, representing all beginnings. To start, we offer a massage for your feet - your foundation. Your feet will be anointed with oils of juniper, rosemary, and fennel to awaken your spirits. The body and mind are then thoroughly revitalized with a seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub followed by a deeply stimulating seaweed wrap. The treatment concludes with a full body rosemary and eucalyptus massage. You will feel awakened after this stimulating treatment.


The waxing moon is the time to refocus your energy and to nourish yourself so that you can reach your goals and a higher potential. Embrace and embody your visions. Jasmine, which white blossoms embody the creative spirit, will be the medium for this treatment. To begin, your feet will be anointed with the scent of jasmine, using pressure point techniques. In order to release the creative energies of the mind, the scalp is massaged and both the feet and head are wrapped while a luxurious petal and salt scrub exfoliates the body. The treatment concludes with a nurturing, jasmine mask and a full body massage. You will feel grounded and full of creative energy after this enriching treatment.


The full moon is the time to realize your full potential. Live life to its fullest. Pink is the color associated with this phase and balance is its key objective. With a scent revered for centuries, nothing encompasses balance more than rose, the focus of this stabilizing treatment. The process begins with an anointment and massage of the feet with rose oil. While the feet are wrapped in a warm towel, the body is exfoliated with rose petals and rose-oil-infused salt, leaving both the mind and body in complete harmony. A deep, cleansing rose wrap nourishes the body with minerals and is followed by a deep, relaxing massage and a lymphatic facial, utilizing rose crystals and acupressure points. This treatment will bring harmony to all your systems.


The waning moon is the perfect time to feel restored. Cleansing treatments undertaken during this phase are more effective and will act on deeper levels. Allow the forces of nature to assist you as you allow yourself to let go and be renewed. Amber, with the qualities of healing and regenerating, is the color associated with this treatment. Your therapy begins with a massage of the feet that uses detoxifying oils and pressure point techniques, releasing toxins and stimulating your inner organs. An exfoliation, using silk gloves, followed by a lymphatic massage will cleanse any pollutants from your system. Finally, you will enjoy a refreshing facial to ensure total purification. This treatment will leave you feeling fully revived and renewed.

In all four moon phase treatments, Auriga features products from The Organic Pharmacy, the world’s first and only pharmacy to use 100% organic products and treatments.

The Saint Lucian Exclusives

Saint Lucian culture has been shaped by a diversity of influences. In addition to English, French, and Amerindian ancestors, laborers from India, China, and Africa have contributed to a potpourri of healing traditions.

Auriga Spa’s “Saint Lucian Exclusives” menu draws from each of these ancient customs, handed down through generations of natural healers, to create a unique regimen of treatments designed to heal the body, soothe the mind, and invigorate the spirit. 


Experience this fusion of traditional "rub" techniques with warm bamboo sticks using a Fiksyon potion. This unique experience stimulates the natural healing powers of the body while relaxing the muscular system. The combination of warm limes and herbs revitalizes the olfactory system to induce a sense of peace.


This total body experience infuses Saint Lucia’s finest natural resources of sea salt, palm husk, farine, sea moss, nutmeg, and honey. The skin is left smooth and nourished while the mind is quieted by the delicious blend of aromas.


The Soufriere Sulphur Springs are the fondation of this thermal treatment.  Unlike traditional stone massage, this service integrates acupressure techniques with pure sulphur minerals to rebalance energy levels and impart proteins to nourish the skin.  The volcanic stones and the detoxifying qualities of the minerals combine to cleanse the body of impurities and relieve muscular tension.

The Salon At Auriga Marigot Bay

Situated above the Auriga Spa and overlooking the marina, The Salon at Auriga reflects the concepts of nature and innovation by infusing the latest technology with a creative edge.

Amika hair care, CND Shellac, and Vinylux nail products are employed to provide guests with the ultimate in beauty and hair treatments.

Fitness Center

A schedule for group fitness classes can be found in the spa. Auriga instructors offer private consultation, including personal training, individual yoga sessions, and training in other fitness disciplines.

Please contact the fitness center or spa for more information about fitness and wellness services.